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 David Lintonbon DO PGCert(Clin Ed) Integrated Medical Centre 121 Crawford Street London UK W1U 6BE
Phone +44 (0) 7958 488 784

eBooks for Professional Training

ebooksThe electronic publishing revolution has made it possible to obtain quality information at greater convenience and lower cost than ever before.

We're glad to announce the launch of an extensive series of eBooks covering all aspects of HVT. We hope they will prove invaluable to students and current practitioners alike.

Each book is laid out in sections and will be equally useful in development of diagnostic skills and in exam preparation. The sections are easy to follow and extensively illustrated.

quotemarksTHE ART OF HVT can be best described as a clinical tutorial collection aimed at medical Orthopaedics students, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Manual Manipulative therapists. It provides access to a vast number of clinical examinations and treatments of highly skilled manipulative techniques to all the musculoskeletal system.

The opening six titles are:

  • The Art of HVT - An Introduction to Structural Osteopathic Technique
  • The Art of HVT - The Cervical Spine and Upper Extremity
  • The Art of HVT - The Glenohumeral Joint and Upper Extremity
  • The Art of HVT - Head and Neck Examination, Evaluation and Treatment
  • The Art of HVT - Thoracic Spine and Ribs Examination, Evaluation and Treatment
  • The Art of HVT - The Lumbar Spine Examination, Evaluation and Treatment

How to get your eBooks

The Kindle Editions are available from amazon.co.uk. The eBook (ePub) versions are available from kobobooks.com or whsmith.co.uk. The easiest route with either supplier is simply to search on 'Lintonbon'.

If you don't have an e-reader of any sort then there are several free Apps available for the various PC, tablet and phone operating systems - detais are obtainable from Kindle and Kobo.

Happy Browsing!


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