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 David Lintonbon DO PGCert(Clin Ed) Integrated Medical Centre 121 Crawford Street London UK W1U 6BE
Phone +44 (0) 7958 488 784


Don't just take our word for it - hear what others have been saying!

Quotation marksI have been very lucky to have had David as lecturer and on a few occasions to have worked with him. I have been inspired by David's manner and approach with patients, together with his great knowledge and passion for Osteopathy. I recommend his DVD on Osteopathic Manipulation, The Art of HVT - very clear and well explained.
Daniele Truffa

Quotation marksI received the DVD about 2 weeks ago and have been busy with classes The Art of HVT provides really clear explanation/demo and has been very useful because this semester we are learning motion palpation... a bit difficult for us newbies to pinpoint which segments are moving in the cervical region, but with the DVD and practise I think there should be improvement.
Benjamin Loh, Malaysia

Quotation marksI have been using MyoGel for the last year on my patients whenever I feel the need to relieve strained and painful muscle groups. Working as an osteopath, I have used many gels and ointments and I can truthfully say this is the most effective for me and my patients. Feedback from patients (who have also asked to buy their own tubs) has been very positive. Applying the lotion is easy and clean and leaves no residue on the patient. As opposed to other pain relief gels that override pain signals, MyoGel actually inhibits perception of pain.
Martin Lester, Osteopath at Clinic Rooms www.martin@clinicrooms.com

Quotation marksDavid is an amazing osteopath and I wouldn't trust anyone else's hands on my back! Totally recommended.
Lyn Diamond www.astroflair.com

Quotation marksI have been using the Myo Gel Ice Pack regularly for my lower back problem and have had good results! The Gel has been holding me steady, and whilst using it on my legs I have found that the veins which were threatening to emerge permanently have been subdued and are not painful any more! I was concerned that I would end up with varicose veins which I have always found very unpleasant looking - now at least I have a chance to prevent permanent angry veins and the Gel is so comforting on my aching legs!
Margaret Sweet

Quotation marksThank you so much for coming to do the course for us. My class mates all told me how much they enjoyed it and were very pleased to have learn' t some really good, practical and effective treatment techniques. I suspect you will see many of us again in the future at one of your training courses.
Amy Slevin, Osteopath

Quotation marksThank-you very much for sending me the DVD. I started viewing it with great interest. These are very meaningful and useful explanations about osteopathic manipulation. So, thank-you very much again for producing this learning material.
Fritz B Roitsch

Quotation marksI started to see David when I had problems with my feet. It was so helpful that, when I had leg and back pain during my pregnancy, I went to see him. The pain was such that I had to stop working very early (around 2 months before the due date). David examined me once a week until the birth. The pain slowly, slowly disappeared and didn't come back thanks to the regular massages...I really recommend anyone with any pain to go and see David!!!
Agnes Brugeron, London

Quotation marksReally enjoyed the course last Sunday! Been enjoying putting it into practice the afternoon session really fired me up for doing some more acupuncture so let me know when you are next running a two day course!
Robin Outram, Chesterfield

Quotation marksAs an osteopathic student I bought The Art of HVT DVD as a study aid. It proved invaluable and I ended up using it not only for individual revision but for study group sessions. The DVD is laid out clearly and has a fantastic range of not only HVT's but also information on examination and articualtion covering pretty much most joints. David presents the techniques really clearly giving step by step instructions. Now, some years down the line, The Art of HVT continues to be an excellent resource. I would highly recommend it to both students and practitioners.
Eva Gorska, Registered Osteopath www.gorskaosteopathy.co.uk

Quotation marksI wanted to let you know how good the Art of HVT is an instructional DVD. I have learnt so much technique, plus it has helped me to revise techniques I had fogotten, all from the DVD. A great resource for CPD.Thanks again for all your help.
Jeremy Baber, Regd Osteopath

Quotation marksI recently subscribed to your members area and purchased the DVD. Just a note to let you know that I'm delighted with the package and it's an excellent learning resource. Do you have any seminars coming up over the next few months as I'd be interested in attending if you did? Anyway, I hope all is well and keep up the good work!
Tony Phalan, Regd Osteopath

Quotation marksDemonstrations are exceptionally clear and are excellent for review. Your technique is very gentle and refined, and I greatly appreciate this help. I'll check your website periodically as well. So thank-you very much, and best wishes with your future endeavours.
Cheryl Anishnabie, Canadian osteopathy student

Quotation marksAt my busy practice, we need to use therapy products like Cetuem that we can rely on for the most acute conditions, including sports and spinal injuries. Cetuem Myo Ice Pack is dependable, reducing pain and swelling from the acute phase of injury and improving tissue health throughout the rehabilitation process. For chronic ligament strains it's perfect for calming the tissues during a flair up and enabling my patients to get back to their daily activities. The Ice Pack is essential for all musculoskeletal practices. It provides immediate relief and overall tissue-calming effects that really help the day run more smoothly, for both patients and practitioners!
Gina John, Osteopath & Pilates Practitioner www.theospreyclinic.co.uk & www.home-exercise-rehab.com

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